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The Enoteca Regionale del Roero according to Pier Paolo Guelfo

Enoteca Regionale del Roero Enoteca Regionale del Roero

Innovative structures, almost one of a kind, to develop and promote winegrowing, the “enoteche regionali” were created after the issuing of the regional law no.37 of 12 May 1980. To learn more about the Enoteca Regionale del Roero, we interviewed Pier Paolo Guelfo, its president since 2017 and who has started its “digital revolution”.

Since 1980, Piedmont has opened “shelters” on its territory that would showcase the excellent wine products of the denominations to which they belong. In the beginning, the Enoteche only acted as simple vehicles for the promotion of the labels of the associated winegrowers, but over the years they have greatly evolved, serving as representatives of a territory, promoting its “brand” and developing an efficient network to enhance productive, entrepreneurial and tourist experiences.

A similar path has also been undertaken by the Enoteca Regionale del Roero, located in the centre of Canale, inside the building that once housed the Asilo Infantile “Regina Margherita”. After its renovation in 2017, today the Enoteca is truly the heart of the territorial promotion of Roero, offering a 360-degree view of the excellences produced here. Not only does it represent the local wine producers, but it is home to several associations that carry out promotion of the territory through their different activities. Lastly, the Enoteca also boasts a very special neighbour: the restaurant “All’Enoteca”, located on the upper floor, led by Davide Palluda, a Michelin-starred chef and an active ambassador of Langhe cuisine in the world.

Pier Paolo, what is the perspective behind the Enoteca Regionale del Roero’s new plan of action?

Once considered as mere “showcase window” of the different denominations, today the Enoteche Regionali definitely offer so much more. Adhering to the requirements of the law, the Enoteche have definitely upgraded, also including the experiences of many entrepreneurs, associations and local institutions. From simply being a wine shop, the Enoteca del Roero has become an important centre for the promotion of local products, a place where all the main supply chains have an outlet, at 0km: hazelnuts, cheeses, beekeeping, cereal growing, the fruits and vegetables which are Canale and Roero’s pride.

The Enoteca does not only showcase local products.

That’s true, although promotion focuses on the Roero, the Enoteca is a true window of Piedmont, a way for tourists to experience the flavours and wonders of the entire Region, starting from the place that they have chosen for their vacation.

Does the Enoteca promote territorial marketing operations?

At the local and national level, we are an integral part of the “Roero” brand and one of our duties involves describing our territory’s parts in detail. We have organized several encounters with the specialized press, inviting them to get to know and experience local specialties. We also closely collaborate with the Consorzio del Roero, which handle the specific promotion of the Roero and Roero Arneis DOCGs at the European and international level.

How did you carry out the renovation of the Enoteca?

Our task involves the “narration” of the Roero and I wanted the structure to also mirror this commitment. The new Enoteca, finished in 2017, resembles a large library dedicated to wine and local products. Choosing a product means getting in touch with the story of the land and the people, the effort and work exerted, the success and sacrifices: I imagined each bottle similar to a “book to be read”.

Is it true that you are working on digital innovation?

I wish the Enoteca to become a deeply engaging place, where one can directly experience the territory, starting from wine. Therefore, we have made educational and highly emotional video clips that help the visitor to perceive the richness of the territory in terms of food, wine and landscape. But we are also moving to more innovative fields, exploring the possibility of creating virtual aid for wine tasting, e-commerce and promotional activities that accompany those who have purchased our bottles back to their homes. One of the latest projects is that of VINSIEME, which aims to connect four Enoteche Regionali in the area of Langhe and Roero, hills recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

And with the wine producers?

The producers are our extended family. With them, we plan to resume the meetings that started in September 2019 as soon as possible. A new meeting every Sunday, a face to face encounter with those who produce the wines that are on the shelves. This direct connection is absolutely the best way to promote the Roero and to make the heritage of human experiences enclosed in this land available to everyone.

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