Friday, 28 May 2021

Langhe and Roero restart from the "Vinsieme" project

Vineyards in the Langhe Vineyards in the Langhe

An initiative promoted by the Piedmont Region and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development which will see the local wine shops united in an experiential path aimed at enhancing typical wines and agri-food products of the short chain.

The restart of Langhe and Roero also includes the reopening of the Regional Enotecas, essential points of reference for getting to know and experiencing the culture and taste of these hills.

A reopening which, this summer, will take place through a shared program, which sees four important "territorial principals" collaborate jointly: the Cavour Piedmontese Regional Enoteca, the Regional Barolo Enoteca, the Barbaresco Regional Enoteca and the Enoteca Regional of Roero.


«Visit, taste, share». These are the cornerstones of Vinsieme, a project realized thanks to the contribution of the Piedmont Region and the EAFRD, the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. Visit the Langhe and Roero area; taste the fruits of these lands guarded by the Regional Enoteca; share your experience by telling it on social networks and following the project website, where "news and delights" of the hills that have become Unesco Heritage are told.

Vinsieme is an experiential and immersive journey through four key areas of the Langhe and Roero territory, which each Regional Enoteca has the task of describing in its nuances. The formidable oenological tradition of the Albese collected by the Cavour Piedmontese Regional Enoteca, which is based in the castle that was once the home of Count Camillo Benso; the happy complexity of the Barolo hills, where each vineyard has a history of its own; the heroism of the producers of Barbaresco, a small appellation that today stands among the most important reds internationally; the extraordinary landscape of the Roero, whose biodiversity directly affects the character of the wines.

Vinsieme is a project to enhance the short chain. In addition to the typical wines, each Regional Enoteca will become an ambassador of the excellence of its territory, showing the richness of the relationships that exist between oenology, gastronomy and agri-food productions. Visitors, in one place, will be able to appreciate the entire "panorama of taste" that makes Langhe and Roero one of the most sought-after Italian destinations for food and wine tourism: symbolic products such as honey, Piedmont IGP hazelnuts, Piedmontese DOP cheeses Madernassa pear, cugnà, jams, polenta, local flours, truffles, typical sweets and grappas.

Finally, Vinsieme unites the Regional Enotecas in communication, through the joint production of physical and digital dissemination materials. The project portal (; the map of the route between the regional wine shops and local excellences; and the shared program of appointments which, if the pandemic situation allows it, will keep the Enoteca busy until next autumn.


Roberto Bodrito, Presidente dell’Enoteca Regionale Piemontese Cavour

The Cavour Piedmontese Regional Enoteca restarts from a great event: the "Birthday of Unesco", of which we will celebrate the seventh anniversary on Saturday 19 June, with an outdoor concert. The setting for the "Unesco Birthday" will be the occasion to inaugurate a truly innovative exhibition: the Museum in the vineyard. A very high level wine tourism project that has seen us busy in recent years to create the first open-air museum where visitors can discover the main grape processing directly between the rows that have made our hills famous.

Federico Scarzello, Presidente dell’Enoteca Regionale del Barolo

The Regional Enoteca del Barolo will reopen during the month of June with special hours, respecting the current safety regulations. Reopening is for us a sign of confidence in summer tourism, which will certainly reach Barolo in the year in which our village was elected "City of Wine 2021": an event that, under the guidance of the Barolo & Castles Foundation, will see us committed until late autumn in many initiatives to support and promote wine tourism. Among the events managed by the Enoteca we confirm Calici di Stelle, the great tasting of Barolo "illuminated" by the shooting stars of San Lorenzo.

Massimo Caniggia, Presidente dell’Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco

Fino a luglio, l’Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco sarà provvisoriamente ospitata nei locali del Comune, dove si è trasferita in seguito alla ristrutturazione della sede storica. Per tutte le domeniche di giugno e luglio proporremo Domenica alla scoperta dei prodotti di filiera, degustazione di vini e prodotti locali. Nel mese di agosto l’Enoteca riaprirà le porte nella ex Confraternita di San Donato: una sede “smart” completamente rinnovata nell’arredamento, con nuovi supporti multimediali. A ottobre ritornerà Piacere Barbaresco, i weekend di degustazione alla presenza dei produttori. E, se le condizioni sanitarie lo premetteranno, presso i ristoranti della zona si svolgerà il tradizionale Barbaresco a Tavola, durante il quale si potranno degustare 60 diverse etichette dell’annata 2018.

Marco Perosino, Presidente dell’Enoteca Regionale del Roero

Until July, the Barbaresco Regional Enoteca will be temporarily housed in the premises of the Municipality, where it moved following the renovation of the historic site. For all Sundays in June and July we will offer Sunday to discover the products of the supply chain, wine tasting and local products. In August, the Enoteca will reopen its doors in the former Confraternity of San Donato: a "smart" location completely renovated in furnishings, with new multimedia supports. In October Piacere Barbaresco will return, the tasting weekends in the presence of producers. And, if the health conditions allow it, the traditional Barbaresco a Tavola will be held at the restaurants in the area, during which 60 different labels of the 2018 vintage can be tasted.


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