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Put a truffle in the glass, cocktails with the Alba White Truffle are born

Il Cocktail Alba-Milano creato da Maxim Schulte Il Cocktail Alba-Milano creato da Maxim Schulte

The International Alba White Truffle Fair and Cocchi launch the challenge to create the best cocktail with truffles.

The first official recipes arrive from London to Milan thanks to the project developed in collaboration with Giulio Cocchi: discover the recipes and participate in the formulation of new cocktails!

The Alba White Truffle is among the undisputed protagonists of the Piedmontese autumn: the most intriguing and fascinating ingredient of this season's tables has now conquered chefs from all over the world and today meets another important category, that of bartenders, thanks to the project of the National Alba White Truffle Fair in collaboration with Giulio Cocchi. The aim of the initiative is to marry the tastes of flavored wines, particularly Vermouth di Torino, with the unmistakable flavor of Tuber magnatum Pico through recipes officially recognized by the Ente Fiera and Cocchi.

The project ideally combines two Piedmontese cities: Alba, the international capital of the White Truffle, and Turin, the capital of Vermouth, passing through Asti and Barolo. Two products of absolute excellence, the Vermouth of Turin and the White Truffle of Alba, combined in a refined cocktail created by the barman Maxim Schulte, 11th and last Head Bartender of the American Bar of the Savoy in London, currently at the helm of the Cocktail Bar at the Kol Restaurant in Marylebone. Thus was born, in the capital of the United Kingdom, the recipe of Alba - Turin, a cocktail where the Historic Vermouth of Turin infused with the White Truffle of Alba joins the Barolo Chinato Cocchi, which is born just like the Truffle from the heart of the Langhe, and London Dry Gin for a result with rich, enveloping and intoxicating aromas and flavors. It is a deliberately minimalist recipe, but highly effective and replicable even in restaurants that have the four original ingredients required, with the certainty of obtaining an excellent, high-level seasonal cocktail.

Meanwhile in Milan, Guglielmo Miriello, bar manager of Ceresio 7, collects inspiration and proposes Italian Gentleman, a complex cocktail with a harmonious, soft, robust profile, in which the slightly bitter notes of gentianella flowers (in the Cocchi Americano) and of the cinchona bark (in Barolo Chinato) wisely intertwined with those of the truffle flaked on the spot.

Thus, once again, the versatility of both the Truffle and the Piedmontese aromatized wines of Cocchi is confirmed, also perfect in the combination with non-canonical ingredients: ideas for creating new cocktails and new proposals for "gastronomic" cocktails in the name of creativity and of Piedmont.

The challenge

Those who want to try their hand at the challenge of using the Alba White Truffle as an ingredient in a precious and exclusive drink, can send their recipe complete with high resolution photos and / or video to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: the best proposals will be published on the social media of Giulio Cocchi and of the International Alba White Truffle Fair.

The recipes


by Maxim Schulte

  • 50 ml Storico Vermouth di Torino Cocchi infused with slices of Alba White Truffle for 32 hours
  • 20 ml Barolo Chinato Cocchi
  • 10 ml London Dry Gin
  • Shake and serve on ice.
  • Decorate with slices of Alba White Truffle



by Guglielmo Miriello

  • 15 ml Dalmore 12 y old whiskey flavored with Piedmontese lard (fat wash)
  • 15 ml Hennessy XO
  • 25 ml Americano Cocchi
  • 10 ml Barolo Chinato Cocchi
  • 3 ml of chocolate bitters
  • 4 grams of slices of white Alba truffle.

The preparation

Gently heat 30 grams of Piedmontese lard around 60 ° C. Pour 300 ml of Dalmore whiskey into an airtight container and add the dissolved fat of the lard, shake and place in the blast chiller at -20 ° C. Wait for the fat part freeze. Filter the whiskey using a tightly meshed strainer, taking care to remove all impurities and place in a bottle. Pour all the ingredients into a mixing-glass, add ice and mix for about 15 seconds to allow the cocktail to cool and dilute. Pour the contents into a 150ml serving bottle and smoke with cherry wood. Prepare the serving glass, pour and flake about 4 grams of Alba White Truffle as a precious garnish on the rocks.



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