Monday, 09 November 2020

Barolo is the city of wine 2021

Il borgo di Barolo e le colline delle Langhe Il borgo di Barolo e le colline delle Langhe

When the health emergency is over, Barolo will be crowned city of wine 2021: the Italian capital of enology and good drinking for a whole year.

This is said by the Città del Vino Association which, for the first time in its history, has launched a tender to award the prestigious award which, on the basis of nominations and programs, will elect an Italian wine capital every year starting from the next, with the task of promoting the Italian wine culture internationally.

The municipalities of Bianco (Rc), Duino Aurisina (Ts), Montepulciano (Si), Montespertoli (Fi), Taurasi (Av) and Tollo (Ch) competed together with Barolo, but it is the cultural program of Barolo that has been chosen as wine champion.

The winning program includes events such as exhibitions, seminars, Lectio magistralis, art installations in the country and between the rows and many other activities. A total of 24 major initiatives are planned: among these, for the themes of "memory" and "community", the Hall of Fame of the great personalities of Italian wine at the entrance to the Wine Museum, international twinning between territories; initiatives to bring the countryside to the city; the Autumn Convention of the Cities of Wine. But also contemporary art exhibitions in collaboration with Artissima and, of course, great Barolo tastings.

It will be a sort of journey through time through traditional rites and festivals, seasonality and recovery of the memory of the characters who have made the history of wine - says Tiziano Gaia, contact person of the Barolo & Castle Foundation and of the technical-scientific committee of the WiMu Museo del Vino. In this research and in-depth work we will be accompanied by anthropologists and historians, but there will be no shortage of tributes to the great writers of the area, Pavese and Fenoglio above all, around which to build a path to enhance the places described in their works, in which wine and peasant culture were of central importance ”.

Barolo & Castles Foundation and the WiMu-Museo del Vino di Barolo (managed by the Foundation) are the technical bodies that will supervise the program, which will systematize many local authorities, including the Regional Enoteca del Barolo, which will carry out a key role on the territory.

The program will be published in the next few days on the official website, under construction and we will give ample news on our channels!

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